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The Immortality Elixir Will Take Forever To Test

Step one is to get rid of any toxins you might have floating around in your body.

What is it?
Is it a vitamin? NO!
Is it a mineral? No!
Is it a protein supplement?

Well, …., maybe.

Life continues because of protein. Some protein mixes with other protein and bingo! more life! Making a protein shake might give the wrist a bit of a workout, but isn’t that flavor worth it? And it’s good cardiovascular exercise too. On that you can bet a buk {sic} okaay.

How do you pacify someone like that? With a little nuki of course.

Ya gotta love those lyrics, “Nuki, Nuki, Nuki, How I love my Nuki! Sweeter than a cookie, I’ll share it if you are my friend.”


Reaching For Polyamorous Socks

Anybody who has done laundry is, or at least should be, aware that socks don’t mate for life. Whether it comes out in the wash or not, often one sock ends up hung out to dry.

What can be done about it?

One can have an orgy of foot coverings. I wear mostly gym socks. I buy several identical pairs at a time. It doesn’t matter how they mate then. In fact, they are neither left nor right so they can go either way. That’s convenient, and I would say rather Liberal of them. Since they can also go right that really doesn’t convey a political stance. They aren’t in the closet. But they can get in a snazzy dresser. The crew could have a tube in the drawers. I’m sure some would like to hose the fishnets.

You think this is reaching? I bought a couple of reachers at the hardware store recently. The tips didn’t quite touch. You know, erasers are for people who make mistakes. THIS is how I reach.

Those are eraser caps on the ends.