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Base Three Boolean Algebra, There’s a Fetish For That

It involves NAND gates.

There is a fetish for everything conceivable. “There are only so many protuberances and orifices on the body, so nothing is so original that it hasn’t been fantasized before.” Quote Dr Galen on the Columbia University seminars from the 80s or 90s.

Sexual stimulation isn’t a bodily function. You can’t stimulate someone who isn’t willing. You can convince them to be willing or you can rape them. Is there an in between I’m missing?

Bodily functions override emotions. You can hold your water, but it won’t go away. It *MUST* have it’s time. Tycho Brahe learned that the hard way. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tycho_Brahe

His nose may or may not have been gold, but he took it off and polished it in front of people he wished to annoy.

Seduction would be the convincing. As a male I would be seduced by desire and interest. The idea that somebody actually wants me, excites me. The idea that somebody is interested in me as a person causes me to feel interest. Some females are led by confrontation and conflict. Romance novels and romcoms indicate that is true for at least some females.

Such is the state of gender identification. Boolean algebra is a method of manipulating logic circuits to get what you want. Traditionally it would be binary. Traditionally gender would be binary. So could Boolean algebra be a matchmaking formula? No!

Transgender people throw a wrench into that. Wrenches lead to sockets, bolts, studs, nuts, and sometimes even screws. Still, what would third base be like? If you slide it will be muddy.

I didn’t say that.

Vive La Difference ! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ternary_numeral_system


Tap That Router And Die, You’re Screwed

To properly construct a pun one must follow a thread.

I bought a new router Thursday. My computer and streaming devices work much better now. I would do a happy dance, but I can’t tap.

The wind knocked some of my tree limbs down. I spent part of the day outside with a cordless sawzall cutting it up. It’s not a tool I use often, but man is it nice when I need it. Sometimes the right tool reciprocates. I suppose some might use a chain saw. I’m not going to link to that. I can’t get my teeth into it.

Last week I was in the sun quite a bit. I wore my grandfathers hat. It’s kind of a weird looking hat. My grandfather died before I was born. In pictures he’s always smiling and looks kind of like Jed Clampett. My grandmother I remember quite well. All the pictures of her show her scowling. That’s pretty close to how I remember her too. She was tall, stocky, and built like a football player. She had 12 kids, 4 of which were 2 sets of twins. Grandpa must’ve been quite a guy. I do think about getting a new hat sometimes.



Epitaph, Where is the Cursor?

I’m right here. Language evolves, new words are formed, old words take on new meanings. My tagline, Crosswords increase your vocabulary, cross words increase your blood pressure, came to mind earlier. I bought a new computer recently. I went from a desktop to a laptop. It’s different. It takes getting used to. It has an HDMI output. I decided to try it. I have a Hulu plus account and one thing that is a bit irritating is that not everything can stream to my Blu-ray player. I can watch those on my computer though. Well if I use the HDMI from the computer I can just set the computer next to the TV and get a larger screen and a more comfortable roost. Worked really well except that I don’t have a remote for my computer. I did have to move the cursor to the far edge. It struck me that the people who never worked with technology might not know the term cursor. People that use computer technology often curse at it. Cursor, it fits! And crazy people that talk to themselves can just don a Bluetooth ala Dr House and no one thinks they’re crazy. Then my mind goes to the prurient after I see a facebook post about a computer that projects on your arm and turns on and off by sudden moves. Guys would have a terrible time watching internet porn on that. I didn’t find the same video on Youtube, but this looks kinda cool too.

Epitaph can refer to a swear word or the last word{s} on your tombstone. Funny that.