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It’s not nice to fool Mother Nature

Because she will be a bitch and fuck you up. No the last line wasn’t in the commercial. Today {Saturday} was the first day over 70 here. It was 83 according to the thermometer in my vehicle. In other words, HOT. I actually expected that. It’s been so cold for so long here, I knew that we would just skip spring and start summer. What I didn’t figure on was that summer would be one day and then we would skip fall and go back to winter again. I haven’t checked today, but last night they were predicting a chance of snow tonight. WTF! I saw some lightning, but I just ignored it. I’m inside and I’m not like the forest ranger that was struck 7 times. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roy_Sullivan

Speaking of Mother Nature, Dena Dietrich played Mother Nature in the commercials


Sometimes I get nostalgic for the old commercials




And none of it made in China. Prior to Nixon we really didn’t trade with China.