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Rimes With Hoar

I am a crossword enthusiast. Spelling and trivia are really really handy when it comes to doing crosswords. Rime and hoar both are types of frost. So the title in this case is kind of like frosting. Am I getting icy stares about now? Is that from too much hoaring around? I do have a bit of a hoarding tendency. I digress, but actually digression is my whole point here.

Over the years I have spent a fair amount of time outside. I never really spent much on outdoor gear though. I bought an Alice pack shortly before I got out of the Army. I was impressed by just how much stuff you could put in or attach to it. It’s nice to have handy stuff with you. It does add the weight on though. I was in during the mid 80’s. I think they have better stuff now. And I have learned that there is a lot of civilian gear that is lighter, more ergonomic, and basically better than my old military stuff. When I bought my pickup in 90 I started keeping picnic and hiking/camping stuff in it, but I didn’t put the stuff in the backpack. I put it into the toolboxes loose. After I got rid of the pickup in 04 I didn’t start outfitting my car the way I had my truck. This past 4th of July I went to a park for the first time in quite a while. It was tiring but brought back memories. I dug out my pack and my picnic stuff. I knew where all of it was. It was in good shape. Yes I am a hoarder. It had been 19 years since I had used the pack. I knew where it was. I knew what was in it. Granted the rubber bands had dessicated. Items with elastic had dry rotted. BUT otherwise everything was usable. Well, I am going to have to get new hot dog forks. The old ones rusted. And I suspect the emergency flares probably wouldn’t work either, but I don’t plan on having any emergencies.

Emergencies can happen though. I could run into a bear. The bear could want my pic-a-nic basket. I posted about that on my previous post. The guy signing makes it look almost like dancing because he signs to the beat. Maybe he’s a wanker bear. These bears look friendly too.