NUKE ‘EM ALL!!! Just Nuke Them All.

I bought a new microwave before work today. I must say that my old one wasn’t completely dead. It was having issues though. After each use it would shut itself off. And lose it’s settings and not restart until it had cooled off. Even so, I really can’t complain about that unit. I bought it 8-8-88. I remember the date quite clearly. There were stories about how it was supposed to be a really really lucky day. It was for me. I bought a microwave, a refrigerator, my first CD player, and my first color TV that same day. I got a thank you note from the store manager. The CD player and the refrigerator are still working. The TV crapped out after 2 weeks and I had to take it back. At least I didn’t go back to living in a B&W world.

It was also the anniversary of the Chernobyl meltdown. I was in the Army back then. 3 Mile Island, Chernobyl, and Fukushima are the three nuke accidents you hear about. I’m sure there have been others. If nothing else I’m sure nuclear ships or subs have sank. There were 2 H-bombs lost in the ocean off Spain too. And then there was that Polonium 210 that ended up in that guy’s tea. That might not count as an accident though.

The number 88 is used by white supremacist groups. The eighth letter is H so 88 is supposed to indicate Heil Hitler. Leave it to them to ruin a good year. There was a rally in Georgia recently.

I don’t know about the source, but I like the headline.


2 thoughts on “NUKE ‘EM ALL!!! Just Nuke Them All.

  1. Bonnie Dale Keck

    I used to live in Rome, Georgia and this is where the story came from originally; a friend on facebook who lives there and who went to a nearby school is in the group for ‘east romans’ as the school used to be called before the population went down and they merged east and west back again to one school. The shirts were titled turn your back on hate, and their response to not say anything to the hate group; still not sure why they picked that area, as it is outside Atlanta in the northwest corner of the state, although there was at least one more around stone mountain georgia.

    For such a relatively small area one would think they would not be that political or whatever, but an attorney there is heavily involved with the convention of states movement and things like that. I went to junior high and high school in that area.

    p.s. you ‘forgot’ to mention who had to clean off the area and around that held the microwave, moving the old one first, then get the new one up there, as well as finding space for the various can openers etc that were up there, hand towels, aluminum foil, etc, although some of that to be fair is my ocd but just saying, and i didn’t throw away all the various jars and whatever, did wait until you got back to see what you wanted saved and all, but looks much cleaner, just saying.



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