How to Watch TV

Many years ago Mortimer Adler wrote a tome titled “How To Read A Book.” It’s an excellent read, and I like Mortimer Adler. Technology does change things once in a while.

I used to read quite a lot, but technology changes some things. One of Dr Adler’s points is that reading shouldn’t be sedentary. It should be active. Obviously it’s not physically active like aerobics, but you are mentally active and attentive. You don’t “Veg Out” reading. You do get that effect from TV though. Watching TV is passive, you veg out.

You don’t have to be a couch potato. Get a chair like this one.

I think I can hear a TV in the background.

Happy April Fools Day!
“When April Showers She Never Closes the Curtains” Spike Jones


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