Can You Spell That?

Is there a bug in the program? Is that entomology or etiology?

Etiology sounds an awful lot like ideology. The two are different although each can be applied to the other. The etiology of ideology would consider ideology as originating from ideals and the study of ideals. Ideals could be thought of as ideas formulated on mass transit, ideas thought while on the Ell. Ell being an elevated commuter train.

The ideology of etiology would be a value judgement. For instance, “Those Idiots!” would be studying idiotology. This is a term used to describe people with different views. The etiology of idiotology is determined by ideology.

Spelling is important. Aaron and Tori are important to some. Some others might wonder about the etiology of spelling. Thou shalt not conjure. The term spelling has it’s origins in witchcraft and that is why you cast spells. What about spelling bees then? It’s all about fertility rites. You have spelling bees to encourage pollination. Pollination is done by bees and insects. The study of insects and bugs is Entomology.

Is that all clear now?


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