Immortality, Immorality with a Spot of Tea

In a thousand years who is going to know who you were? If you’re from Iceland they might all know. They’re good at keeping track of things like that. What was going on a 1000 years ago? Not the Magna Carta, not the Battle of Hastings {almost though}, the Icelandic Sagas?, Yes! They were going on.

Who gets remembered and how? Usually the despots and tyrants get remembered more than the furniture makers, stone masons, or bureaucrats. Tales of immorality get passed on. The young are taught from lots of sources, “See, that’s why you don’t do that!” What really amazes me are those people who try to convince their kids that they were angels. If you tell the kid, “I never did that. I was a good kid.” do you really think that will be more convincing than “Boy I really fucked up when I did that.”

The age of innocence was not a time for society. It was and is a time when the individual doesn’t know any better. Personality types really haven’t changed in a very long time. I really hated the show “Welcome Back Kotter”, but the theme song had a line, “Well the names have all changed since you hung around,
But those dreams have remained and they’re turned around.


Okay, that was weird. I guess even referencing it can be annoying. I’ll let it be annoying.

Perspective changes things. Art often reflects life.

Pay attention to those lyrics! Cigarette trees! Bums don’t need money! Cops have wooden legs! Is that their idea of role models!!!

What is this song about? Euphemisms and allegory might as well be another language in this racially sensitive and PC environment.

It wasn’t just the Depression era. Some real good lessons here too. Remember when nobody locked their doors? He mentions that. Of course he is willing to work for his rent and smoke the stogies he finds.

Thing is, young whippersnappers today don’t know how nice they have it. And they’ve lost all sense of decency. The even had hearings on it.

Well, they had one hearing. You ever wonder why slang changes? Maybe it’s to slip a few naughty references past the old fogies. Some slang doesn’t change much, and it’s meaning is usually pretty clear.

You ever had the hots for someone that’s been dead for a couple of hundred years? Kinda gross, they’d be all rotted away and mostly just bones. It’s just not very enticing to me. Time travel would be a different matter. Would you go back in time and fuck yourself? Would that be masturbation?

I’d better end this before I write something that might have a point.


8 thoughts on “Immortality, Immorality with a Spot of Tea

  1. Mrs Fever

    I would not go back in time to fuck myself unless it was to go back as someone else. I’ve often wondered what my partners’ experience of me is.

    Sanitization of reality is something every generation does. And the older people get, the “cleaner” the past becomes. Individually as well as generationally. It’s annoying.


    1. wildoats1962 Post author

      Sanitized for your protection, or so the label reads.

      I can’t help thinking, what if someone told you to go fuck yourself and you did.

      Curiosity and fear of my ego being destroyed regularly battle about whether or not I want to know what people think.


  2. furbal1972

    Also, I’m just a hair young for “Welcome Back Kotter” lol But didn’t that show start off with an aerial shot over a bay or something? I think my dad watched it. I almost remember the song. 🙂


      1. furbal1972

        Whatever show my dad was watching, I thought it was super boring. … I hated Travolta too! (I think I got that from Saturday Night Fever though. Or maybe Grease.) I refused to watch Pulp Fiction for YEARS!


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