Ode to Joy

“Everybody brings happiness to the room, some when they enter, some when they leave.” Anon.

I’m almost tempted to leave it at that, but I need to vent. Different equipment is suited to different tasks. If you leave a particular piece of equipment for me to use after I had suggested the order of what needed to be done and when, and with what equipment, STAY THE FUCK OUT OF MY WAY WHEN I’M DOING WHAT I HAD TOLD YOU TO DO. Granted, I’m not your supervisor. You don’t want to do a particular task, fine I’ll do it. IS THAT SO HARD? The tractor is for close in work near stuff. The blade isn’t that big but the hydraulics power it down for scraping and it has an incredibly tight turning circle. The truck has a big wide heavy blade that drops by gravity. Don’t even try to get in tight spots. Don’t try to drag the snow back. Either go back and forth or go around the block a bunch of times. It’s a whole lot easier if you use the right equipment for the right task. If you get really pissed off and want to start ramming things, use the truck you have much better protection. It might also be a good idea to stick to ramming the snow piles, just say you were trying to pile it higher. Avoid ramming idiot drivers, immediate gratification carries long term consequences.

And the storm had been over for quite a while when I went to work. Did he help me? Yes, I got in some practice at anger management. I will be very glad when I retire and look out my window at people driving in storms.

2 thoughts on “Ode to Joy

  1. furbal1972

    Vent away. [*slow clap*]

    Yes, short term gratification can have long term consequences. (Something the immature might not fully realize.)

    Kind of a side note, but I got lucky this weekend. (Or at least I hope I was lucky. Sometimes the damage can take a while to show itself.)

    I was white-knuckle driving, and I approached a “new interchange” in Iowa. (I-80/I-29) I thought I knew where I was going, but got caught off-guard .. I suddenly realized that I was on the wrong ramp. . I made a split-second decision to ‘go for it’ and changed ramps, going off-road in the process.

    As I settled in to the road, I was relieved, but also I recognized that if I got stuck out there it would be hours until I could be found and gotten to by a tow truck.. (If I was lucky . lol)

    I’m not quite looking at retirement. (I have no idea wtf that would be.) But I totally understand your sediment.

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    1. wildoats1962 Post author

      I’ve been lucky with my personal vehicle, 2000 Dodge Grand Caravan. It handles snow relatively well. It’s the first front wheel drive vehicle that I’ve driven on a regular basis. I did learn, the hard way of course, don’t drive through puddles of water!!!! The serpentine belt gets splashed and slips off easily. On snow, no problem, I go just fine. It melts and it’s “Oh shit, there’s a puddle, gotta slow to a crawl, can’t splash.

      My coworker is pleasant. Nice to talk to, agreeable, it’s just that then he goes and does whatever he’s feels like.

      The cab on our tractor is the most Mickey Mouse design I’ve ever seen. It’s supposed to be removable in summer, but we have a different tractor for groundskeeping. And there is a manhole cover by our North entrance that sticks up about a half an inch. The truck will slide over it. The tractor will catch it every time. The impact usually causes one or both doors to fall off and the windshield to swing forward. The doors are a metal frame with plastic. The pivot hinges slide in the top and then down. We’ve tried putting springs on the top to hold them down and that helps. The windshield and back window are hinged with magnets holding them to the frame. It makes engine maintenance easier and allows access to spreader controls and the gas cap. It adds to the comedy when someone forgets and hit that manhole full speed, although the tractor’s top speed is not very fast. None of our tractors has ever had seatbelts. Our streetsweeper doesn’t have seatbelts either. Maybe it’s not required if your top speed is less than a certain amount?

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