Fancy Some Curry?

Curry is one of my favorite foods, manna from Heaven whether spicy, mild, or sweet. Curried yams beat candied yams hands down every time.


I also like Tim Curry. And I like Jerome K. Jerome. I enjoyed reading “Three Men in a Boat”, and I’ve read any other book by him that the Univ. of Northern Iowa Library had. Recently I noticed a Youtube clip with a movie version of the novel. It’s about an hour long.




2 thoughts on “Fancy Some Curry?

    1. wildoats1962 Post author

      You have to see it with a group that knows the audience script. In quite a large number of spots the characters on screen appear to react to the audience lines. And the audience script evolves over time. I haven’t been to it in ages, and I don’t recall that many of the audience lines. Everything about it can get surreal, imagine waiting in line with guys in bustiers studying scripts.



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