I suppose that would be one expression of hemorrhoids. I had a cousin that was an OTR truck driver. They’re prone to lots of ailments, mostly due to sitting for long periods of time.

Been kinda different at work lately. Tonight {Thursday} was one coworker’s last day. Good Luck Jimmy, I’ll miss ya. He’s retiring, he started about 6 months before I did. With his military time he has 31 years. He is older than me. I was one of the youngest ones there when I started. Another coworker died in a house fire a couple of weeks ago. The rumor mill has it that he was trying to get out before dying of smoke inhalation. One would hope that the carbon monoxide would get him before he actually started getting burned up. There were plenty of people that considered him annoying, but I can’t really think of anybody I would want to burn to death. And even if you don’t like the guy it is in really bad taste to joke about it. They’ve been firing more people lately too. The ones you would just as soon not see come back are like a bad penny. They just keep showing up. Hopefully I’ll get to retire before I die. One guy did die in the bathroom last year. They had a helluva time getting the steel door open. Fortunately it happened before my shift. I didn’t have to break the door, and I didn’t have to clean up the blood. Behind every silver lining lurks a cloud, right AB.

On the site where I used to blog was a guy going by Oldman1776, he always ended his posts, “Remember, if you wake up, it’s a good day.” I liked that.


7 thoughts on “FIRE IN THE HOLE!!!

  1. Bonnie Dale Keck

    just reminds me a bit of Joe saying if so and so was an asshole while they were alive why do people try to act like they were saints once they’re dead, when they couldn’t stand the sob when alive, people is weird, yes even to me depending {ps the moron out in arizona was ex military, and he would pull the fake asleep mumbling due to lack of balls to tell me there was an issue, so I would wait until he was really asleep, lean in close to his ear, and yell fire in the hole *snort* yeah I’m not passive aggressive, am aggressive aggressive πŸ˜› }


    1. Mrs Fever

      A guy I work with died last October. He was an asshole. His death was sudden ~ still don’t know the whole/true story there, actually ~ and I certainly didn’t wish him dead… But he was an asshole. And after he died, so.many.people were all “Oh, he was such a nice guy…” NO HE WASN’T! What the fuck is that about, anyway?

      Two weeks later, another co-worker died. She was a genuinely good person. She survived breast cancer; she’d gone into remission in August only to lose her life to another form of cancer a few months later.

      Life (and death): not fair.


      1. wildoats1962 Post author

        Not fair at all. And sometimes wishing for someone to die is wishing for them to be released from the pains of the flesh, not really a bad thing. As for the others, well, the nicest thing a real asshole could do is die. Perhaps complimenting them is a way of saying thank you for going away forever.


    2. wildoats1962 Post author

      It might be to appease the spirits. If you couldn’t get them to go away and leave you alone during their life, how would you get rid of them after they’re dead? Don’t say exorcise. Most people don’t even like exercise with an E let alone with an O. {and yeah I know, that was a big O }



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