Playing A Nazi Piano For Fake Lasagna Mousse

News can be really weird at times. And I remember other rather random things.

At some point in time, I cannot find this item in searches, a contestant on Wheel of Fortune bought a ceramic fish. Later, Pat tried to bring the item to the contestant and he dropped and broke it. Pat made the remark, “Once you buy a prize it’s yours to keep.” On to others.

I wonder if I can buy lumber at Olive Garden? I can’t recall.
That was on account of the pork they found. They should’ve stuck with the traditional Muppet Method for making Chocolate Moose.

Nazi pianos? Apparently neo nazis like to use a one for one trade of numbers for letters. A=1, B=2, etc etc. Some laundry soap being sold in Germany ran into the problem of that size container doing 88 loads. {a totally inconsequential irrelevant observation, bukakke is a method of cooking noodles by splashing hot water on them. If you google it you will find recipes. But you will also find some other unusual activities. One might imagine that athletes could benefit from the protein content}. Enough about the loads, when I think of 88 the first thing in mind is a piano. 88 Keys. 8 8 stands for H H which means Heil Hitler. Really. Seems a bit of a stretch.

It is possible to misunderstand anything if you work at it hard enough.



4 thoughts on “Playing A Nazi Piano For Fake Lasagna Mousse

  1. wildoats1962 Post author

    My nephews were little when the Muppet Show was on. Having kids or watching kids provides a good excuse for liking kid oriented stuff.

    Then I watched Chuck Vincent’s Erotic Animation, and it had a scene with a Sonny Bono doll doing the Miss Piggy doll. Twisted but I found it amusing.



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