Will Gen X Brush With Socialist Potato Cabals

Forget about Freedom Fries. Old style automobiles had generators instead of alternators. Periodically you would have to replace the brushes. The brushes ride on the commutator ring. Commutator ring sounds like subversive potatoes to me, and you thought French Fries didn’t show the proper patriotic starch for a stiff upper lip. If you’re worried about carbs too much then get fuel injection. If you’re easily shocked then it’s going to be a bumpy ride. I’m tired already on the recap. Don’t get me started on the tranny, it needs to radiate through it’s own cooling system. It’ll be smokin’ hot otherwise. Drag racing can be rough. Pit crews need something nourishing once in a while, it can’t be beer and Spuds for the Mckenzie bulls.

How much of that did you get? Is it an age test?



4 thoughts on “Will Gen X Brush With Socialist Potato Cabals

    1. wildoats1962 Post author

      In a DC motor/generator they have a commutator ring and brushes to move the magnetic fields around allowing it to work. Word similarities were what I was getting at. commutator kind of like commie tater, then brushes brush or are brushing. One should always brush after eating a Commie Tater. Spud means a tater, but Spuds Mckenzie sold beer.


  1. Bonnie Dale Keck

    you just ain’t ‘right’…but i’m sure it will get worse than this, i’m behind on reading again



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