Did Pavlov’s Dog Drool Get Schrodinger’s Pussycat Wet?

Quite some time ago Alton Brown did a program on casseroles. He made the comment to use round pans because if you use a square pan the corners will dry out. Then he added, “Unless you like dry corners.” That when generalized is THE MOST important thing about learning to cook new things in new ways. If you like it it isn’t wrong. One of those really minor annoyances on cooking shows is coleslaw. It seems like every TV cook wants dry coleslaw. Salt it and let it drain so you won’t get that liquid at the bottom. I LIKE THAT LIQUID, AND I DON’T WANT TO GET RID OF IT. Yesterday I happened to hear a few minutes of infomercial about a pressure cooking system. I like pressure cooked food. I’ve been using my pressure cookers for over 25 years. I watched my mom can vegetables in pressure canners in the 60’s and 70’s. It is easy to overcook in a pressure cooker. Texture is something that does require some finesse. A blowtorch from the hardware store will work much better than the ones from the average kitchen store. The broiler is useful for larger amounts. Also a broiler doesn’t get the remarks that a torch does. One thing they made during the infomercial was BBQ ribs. I am not a purist. They would have lost the purists I know as soon as they started talking about how they fell off the bone. BBQ lovers would call that mush. BBQ lovers also say it has to be smoked. Smoking needs to be outside or vented outside. Turkey fryers should be outside also. I will confess that I have had only one fried turkey. A houseguest from Georgia fixed one for my mom and I and her family. I was polite, but I really didn’t like it very well. I haven’t used it to fry anything else. I have used it with my water bath canners to make pickles. Cooking outside with it does keep the kitchen from getting too hot. A couple of Mythbuster episodes come to mind. Exploding water heater and 30 foot fireball from deep frying. In the case of the water heater, it made me think about my pressure cooker. That was before the Boston Marathon bombing, and up until that episode I had never really thought much about just how bad a pressure cooker could be. The fryer fireball was caused by dropping a can of broth into a burning pan of oil. Not likely, but certainly not totally inconceivable either.

Now, how does that relate to classical conditioning and quantum mechanics? Well I’m not totally sure. That’s the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle. But I can self-actualize even with the uncertainty and that’s Mazlo. But Pavlov’s experiments were more like behaviorism and John Watson. Watson’s emphasis on conditioning being far more important than inherited instinct might lead you to believe that nurture over nature would make him a loving father/grandfather, you’d be wrong. Mariette Hartley is his maternal granddaughter, and she disagrees with his views about affection. To prod your memory, she used to make poloroid commercials and she was in Star Trek TOS. After the censors wouldn’t allow her to show her navel, Gene Roddenberry later had her show two navels.



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