I Left My Heart in San Francisco, My Left Arm in Ellwood

I doubt that Stonewall Jackson ever went to San Francisco, so his heart wouldn’t be there. His left arm is in Virginia though.

I’m kind of ambivalent about what happens to my body after death. I do want them to make sure I’m dead before they do anything to it though. When my father-in-law died he was cremated and the cremation casket was not cheap. At the time it kind of bugged me to know it just got burned up. Although on reflection burial is about as bad. It’s not like someone is going to dig up the grave because the casket is nice. There’s a few problems with donating ones body to science. Do you really want a bunch of college kids examining you closely when you’re naked and with a bad BO problem? I think there are a couple of places where they just throw you out in the woods so they can study the decay process. That’s helpful in investigating murders and accidents. After the FIL died my wife and I talked with one of the funeral directors about pre-planning. She wants to be buried. I said I could be cremated and my ashes buried in the same grave. “That way I could spend eternity on top of you.” Yes I said that. The female funeral director laughed. My wife was startled and laughed politely. Somehow I don’t think she liked the idea. She does get creeped out by death.

And Yes Stonewall Jackson’s arm is not buried with the rest of him. He actually has three graves. A friend of mine lost a leg to a train. In the hospital they asked him what he would like done with it. He was like, “What? I don’t know! It’s not attached it’s not a part of me anymore. What are my options?” He ended up donating it. He also threw away that shoe. He didn’t realize that he would need that shoe after he he got the artificial leg. He did walk around the yard barefoot quite often. At one point they had to replace the foot because it had gotten damaged that way. They unbolted the old foot, and bolted the new one on. I got to see it right after that. It had toes molded into it. BUT IT WAS GREEN. It looked really odd then.




2 thoughts on “I Left My Heart in San Francisco, My Left Arm in Ellwood

  1. Mrs Fever

    You have the oddest assortment of random facts stored in your head.

    I have mixed feelings about post-mortem physicality, but I am – if nothing else – a pragmatist. So I am an organ donor, and whoever has to deal with my remains will have to have what’s left of me cremated.


    1. wildoats1962 Post author

      I also am an organ donor. You have to die correctly for your parts to be used though. When Gary Gilmore was executed he requested a firing squad since that would allow the greatest over all amount of organs to be donated.

      Memory can be like a random number generator, you know the range of possibilities but the particulars just pop out.

      And I have a truly unique collection of friends.



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