Miss Odd Genus Met Phil, It Was He Done Ism

One should not become romantically entangled outside of one’s genus, nothing good begat that way.

The following was posted on my Facebook page. The person who thought of this should be rich.

Prurient or banal, life is more fun than death. Actually that is an assumption since I can’t recall ever being dead.

Another post could have been My Dinner with Miss Andre. That would have had some peculiar word play. Miss Andre for misandry, hating men yet having a male name, also a takeoff on “My Dinner With Andre”. That probably appeals more to the art crowd, but could be a sophis-ticated Peter Pan. Also for the artier crowd, http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0104929/?ref_=tt_ep_ep3
I taped this and watched it with my mom. She didn’t like it. She thought Mrs Cage was crazy. I was closer to my dad, but I doubt that he would’ve liked it either. He died in 90. I see her {Mrs Cage’s} point. I guess I’m crazy too.

But I don’t hate women like a misogynist. I’m not a phylogenist for the reason I stated first. I am more of a philogynist.

I think I got that right.


Have to ask Andre


3 thoughts on “Miss Odd Genus Met Phil, It Was He Done Ism

    1. wildoats1962 Post author

      Phil Andre has a penchant for secrecy, Polly wants a cracker, she’ll honk he if she’s horny. I think that means something like blowing your own horn. Ron Jeremy did that in a porn film.



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