WHY, why did you do that?

Occupation? Stand up philosopher.

Ah, a bullshitter.

From Mel Brooks History of the World.

People tend to think of philosophers as esoteric eggheads with no connection to reality. Their answer would probably be that’s because reality is an illusion. Philosophy has everything to do with pretty much all of life. What you do depends on what you think. For instance, Gilligan’s Island, if you are preparing for/hoping for rescue you build signal fires. If you are resigned to being there forever you work to make life there more comfortable.

I’ve been watching Dexter in what little free time I’ve been having lately. I’m into season 7 now. Without trying to give away the storyline Dexter has been doing more explaining of why he does what he does. It reminds me of conversations I’ve had with people that just don’t seem to get my point. My point being, you can’t force people to think or feel a particular way. You can certainly try. You might succeed most of the time. Dante knew what I was getting at. He had Epicurus condemned to roasting in a bronze cauldron in Hell. Epicurus didn’t believe/realize this. Crime and punishment get tricky if you set goals that might not be achievable. If you send a criminal to a penitentiary that doesn’t mean they will be penitent. A reformatory might not reform them. The language used reflects a goal other than revenge. I don’t recall reading much about vigilantes holding vigils either. Dexter talks of his dark passenger and refers to himself as a monster. He understands other monsters. It helps him capture them. He enjoys the kill. Our justice system has kind of a split personality. We try to execute humanely. Why? What is the goal? What are we trying to achieve when we lock someone away? If the goal is the general welfare of society as a whole then it doesn’t matter what the convict thinks or feels. It matters that he/she won’t have the opportunity to hurt others. If the goal is punishment, if the goal is to make them hurt for what they did, then you cede control to them. You can’t force them to feel regret and compassion for others. You can kill them, but you can’t read their mind. You could torture them with the exact same methods they used on their victims, but their thoughts are their own. You could try brainwashing a la “A Clockwork Orange”. That worked really well didn’t it? Malcolm McDowell was certainly creepy in that movie. In real life a murderer named T-bone Taylor is serving a life sentence for killing two cops. A reporter interviewed him a few years into his sentence. He told the reporter how much he loved prison life. The reporter quoted him and there were letters to the editor about how this guy needed to be made miserable. He needed to suffer. He played the reporter for a fool and I’m sure he enjoyed those angry letters. If he causes you to want to torture him, isn’t that his sickness spreading? Cruelty and violence are contagious diseases. Is lethal injection an inoculation?

On Dexter the character Deb is thinner than what I consider to be sexy. Maria has a nice full figure. Rita struck me as being just too flaky. I did like Lila, but the English accent is a bit of a turn on for me {and I loved that line, “Pardon my tits”}. They do show a fair amount of nudity, always a plus.

One final thought on why did you do this. I wouldn’t do this.


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