The Joy of Murder

Yeah that might sound a bit strange for a title.

Video games often have you kill people. Violence in movies is common. Some people blame violence on TV for the violence in society.


Art reflects life. Now some people might learn techniques, but Breaking Bad hasn’t resulted in an explosion of meth labs. Meth labs were exploding because of careless handling of volatile materials before that series was made.

Murder has been a popular topic throughout history. From mystery novels to Greek Tragedies someone gets offed and not in a sexual sense. And there is a difference between murder and killing. It does seem to me that back in the days of duels the people on both sides tended to be assholes. If murder were legal I suspect it would end up often being asshole against asshole. I mentioned Dexter somewhere, I’m up to season 6 now. He describes himself as a monster, and refers to his dark passenger. The vigilante aspect of it appeals to people who think too many criminals get away with way too much. Forever Knight dealt with that issue. Nicholas often ended up killing the wrong person. Dexter is a likeable serial killer just as Nicholas is a likeable vampire. A serial killer would have to have some degree of charm. If they always come across as a jerk how would they lure victims?

The joy of murder really is the distinction between killing and murder. I’ve lived on a farm, I’ve hunted and fished. I never enjoyed the kill. But I have met people that do. The last animal I shot was a squirrel that had lost a fight with another squirrel, fallen out of a tree, broke both front legs and it’s back. It was laying on the ground screaming. Legally it’s not murder to kill an animal, but when done for the wrong reason it IS still wrong. In that case I think I did it a favor. The other squirrel just loped away. Not in any hurry and not even checking out his victim. Cats can have a real nasty side to them. If big cats have the same mentality that house cats have, I wouldn’t want to be trapped by one. I would definitely prefer a bullet.

And then there are those people that die in humorous ways. 1000 ways to Die, Darwin Awards, etc, really dark humor and yet I continue to check it out. Some of the jokes were over the top in bad taste.

Depressing subject, time to move on.


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