Much Ado About DoDo

No scat here. Don’t have any Dodo Birds either. They were named for their intelligence level. So were the Boobys. No, I did NOT misspell that. And I can’t say Blue Footed Booby and not smile. I could have misspelled it, but I don’t admit anything. That reminds me of a good line from Comedy of Terrors. Vincent Price’s character says {approx} “Who are they going to believe, respected entrepreneur of death or confessed bank robber?”. Peter Lorre’s character replies, “I NEVER CONFESSED! They just proved it.”

That was a meandering mishmash of already digested material.

Joey Graceffa has a videoblog that is just as meandering but far more inane, and to me annoying. That’s fine I don’t have to listen to him, but if you want to, that’s your problem.

He had a bit of a run in with Nate Clark. Nate towed his car. I would say for good reason.

Anyway, it’s been a viral video. I think it’s entertaining, and even if you like Joey, is there BAD publicity for someone making their living as a spectacle?

Here’s Nate’s video, Joey’s vblog is easily found with a search.

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