The Kozo Purple Sumo Diet

Kozo the purple hippo needs an energy snack after all the dancing.

This used to be a common sight at work. The new vending machines have motion sensors to detect when an item falls. If it doesn’t fall, it advances until something does fall. Now I didn’t think Sumo panties had pockets, so just where was that money stored?

4 thoughts on “The Kozo Purple Sumo Diet

  1. Mrs Fever

    That’s funny.

    Vending machines are a scourge on hu-sanity.

    A quote, for you, from the book Surrender The Pink:

    Hippopotamuses can behave rather strangely toward each other. A father may bite off the head of his son, and a captive adolescent may suddenly gore his mother to death with his huge canine tusks. That is why the females seek to simplify their domestic lives by staying together, consorting with males only to copulate.

    I hope you’ll read this in George Takei’s voice: Oh, my.


    1. Bill

      Crazy testosterone filled hippos. I don’t think there are many animals where the males and females spend much time around one another.

      Vending machines can make a huge amount of money. At least up until you get sued because one fell on someone.


  2. Bonnie Keck

    first off, can’t remember my wordpress log in and for some reason neither can wordpress/this site tho had it saved

    as for the other, maybe there is a built in jockstrap and they use it like some females use their bras {which is gross, and should know because used to be a cashier}


    1. Bill

      Hm, Ya got change for a twenty in that G-string? Let me check. Krypton had a song called the G string. It was about his guitar



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