Crazy Like A Fox

If you like Fox News, sorry ’bout that. I’ll let you pick whether I’m sorry about jabbing Fox or whether I’m sorry that you like Fox. Course it is interesting that although Fox News is very conservative Fox entertainment programming tends to be very liberal. But money is money I’m sure Family Guy American Dad and Simpsons aren’t hurting for sponsors.

Anyway, do the Anchors comprehend what they read or are they a living OCR?

I wonder how many times this clip has been posted?


4 thoughts on “Crazy Like A Fox

    1. wildoats1962 Post author

      As will Ted Baxter, MTM had an episode where Mary had to write a bunch of obits for famous people just to be ready for when they actually die. Towards the end of the list she started writing jokes figuring she could just substitute the real obit later. WRONG! Life imitates art.



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