Two Finns for a Sawbuck, Mired in the BOG

Sometimes when people get angry they lash out with the most nonsensical things. At work a custodian who was told that he will have to work the fourth and it won’t be on his regular shift got mad about it. I can understand that. Then he was told to change the battery in the clock in the breakroom, now this is where it gets a little weird. Any where else and it would be extremely weird, where I work the excuses people use have to be heard to be believed. Believed that they were used, not believed that they were true. He pawned it off on another maintenance guy. He said he didn’t know how to do it. That wasn’t quite the reaction I expected. I expected him to replace the battery, but to avoid setting the time because he wasn’t specifically told to do that. Just for clarification, no I did not run away from home and join the circus. Anyway, it got me to thinking. Okay, you don’t know how to change batteries. If you were a woman with a BOB you’d be in a bit of a jam. {A non-vibrating jam} So the counterpart to BOB must be BOG, Battery Operated Girlfriend. Silly me, I start thinking crosswords again. BOG, sounds like bog, swampy, mucky, mired, a fen. Fen, sounds like fin. Kinda fishy. Smells like fish she’s a real dish, Red Dwarf; Fish,…Fish,…Fish,…Fish,…Fish. The cat did five, right AB? Okay, fin, also sounds like Finn. That would be a Finnish person. Danny Jean-Joules doesn’t look Finnish. Fin, 20’s era gangster slang for five dollars. Sawbuck, ten dollars.

Now you know why I stay up all night writing jibberish.

RHPS, you have to lose your sanity to keep it. Hey Rocky watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat. A retired coworker has the nickname Rocky. I couldn’t say hey, without completing the phrase after I was past him.



6 thoughts on “Two Finns for a Sawbuck, Mired in the BOG

    1. wildoats1962 Post author

      What did the fan say to the vacuum? You suck!
      What did the vacuum reply? Blow me!
      Snickers? I know what you’re like after you’ve been eating sugar.

      Sweet Stuff



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