Serfin’ for the BiTsar, think about it.

Goldie and Gerard seem to be getting into it.

I wonder how this one would have went over?

Putin is one of those odd ducks. One the one hand he can seem charming and personable. On the other hand I wouldn’t want to be on his enemies list.

I decided to look up the word pulchritude.

And since they mention it, sepulchre.

And that isn’t quite the same as

I had thought of sepulchre as a container of relics or remains. It could be just artifacts.

I think of pulchritude as large breasts.

Now, why do you think I put this odd collection in one post? I wonder what Raisa looks like now?

No, that’s not the right answer, but good try.

Talking to oneself is fine as long as the arguments don’t result in physical violence.

That’s a GOOD answer.


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