Flat Tax? Thumb Tacks? Just Plain Tacky? YES!! That Was It!

I got almost nothing done this weekend. Where does the time go. I’m behind on every blog I read now. The shows I usually catch up on through Hulu/Netflix remain unwatched. I haven’t posted in a few days. I haven’t done hardly any housework.

I really should give credit where credit is due. The last part of the title is a takeoff from Douglas Adams. The Captain of the B ark tells Arthur and Ford that the ship is programmed to crash, not land, and Ford says, “You’re all a bunch of useless bloody loonies!” The Captain says, “Yes! That was it! That was the reason!”

As for credit about not doing anything, that was due to me. I got lazy.

Curiosity might not always kill the cat, sometimes it baptizes it. At work our loading dock is not heated, but it still is protected by a sprinkler system. Since it does get chilly here in Iowa they fill those sprinkler pipes with compressed air and they only fill with water when the air pressures drops. Someone snagged a piece of equipment on a sprinkler and tried to force it out from under the sprinkler head. It snapped off and the two people in question were not in maintenance and not familiar with how the fire system works. They heard the air, they stood under it and looked at it. ……. Then they were blasted with nasty stagnant water that had been sitting in the pipes quite a while. I didn’t see it. I get along with both of them, but it would still have been hilarious to see them sprayed. It would even have been worth having to clean up the mess afterward. Even when you know where the cut-off is, an awful lot of water can end up on the floor before you get it shut off.

I mentioned this song to a coworker, and he didn’t recognize it. We sang it in music class quite a bit. I didn’t like it then, but it grows on you with time {a lot of things are like that, fungus, bugs, gross things, etc.}

A couple of things come to mind with this song. In Fahrenheit 451, all the houses have aerial antennas, except the house with the books{and the firemen start fires not put them out}. In this video the garage has a satellite dish, it looks like one of the old ones.

Perhaps this is the remnant of some bizarre childhood event, but I can’t help wondering what ticky-tacky is, and would it be fun to play with. Yes, I can be disgusting sometimes.

Speaking of that, it’s getting late I should go to bed now.



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