To Do Born-Again French? French-Born Again? Born-French Again?

Renaissance Faire, Those are French words. Faire is the verb to do, to have to do, to must. Renaissance, rebirth, fellow crossword enthusiasts often see nee in the puzzles, French for born as.

One of the featured videos on You-tube has a variation on the Safety Dance. I like the original song. It reminds me of Renaissance Fairs, and that reminds me of a friends sister. Red hair and a fiery smokin hot personality. Only saw her once. Body parts are body parts they vary in size shape and color, but I’m adaptable I’m willing to lavish attention on whatever she considers to be her best feature. Visually she appeared to have the standard number and type of orifices and protuberances. But her personality was uniquely her own. She lived on a houseboat and traveled the country performing in Renaissance Festivals. The idea of fucking in costume, in character, is exciting to me. I’ve never done that. Her experience playing different roles would make her very interesting. She would’ve been quite the adventure. Although the lifestyle would not suit me. Living in a boat and traveling essentially all the time would not suit me at all. My friend was open minded enough to talk to me about his sister. We were all in our 30’s then. It wasn’t like we were just out of high school or anything. He started giving me some more lifestyle info. She was pretty much wild and free with no roots. I couldn’t handle that as a lifestyle. I could try that as a vacation, a sabbatical even, a lifetime no. I don’t want to live in a boat.

But I do like this song. It also makes me think about my brother. He was the one to get me started dancing. Quoting him, “Get her dancing, then it’s easier to get her in bed.”


4 thoughts on “To Do Born-Again French? French-Born Again? Born-French Again?

    1. wildoats1962 Post author

      The French verb Faire, has multiple meanings in English. It is a very common word used by a lot of idioms. There are even a few idiots that use it too. The idiots use every language, fortunately they are a small percentage of the population, IMO. I was taught that it meant to do or to make. But it was also used in an imperative sense, to have to do whatever, to must do whatever, to must. How about a video?

      This elephant MUST be horny. He MUST get sex, NOW!

      I saw a video on television one time, it was before cable, so it was over the air, but it was PBS, and it showed elephants mating. While watching that I thought to myself, I really wish I could do that. It would be soooo cool. I haven’t looked for a representative video for this, but a bull elephant has a hard time seeing where the hole is. But he has a nifty neato trick for that. The video I saw made it look like his dick was prehensile. He mounted her, and he could move just the head around until he found the right spot. Is that cool or what?

      Language is very important, one MUST avoid stupid silly mistakes, one must strive to be a cunning linguist. I wonder how many people have heard what Michael Douglas is saying? He’s claiming to have gotten throat cancer from oral sex. If I were Catherine Zeta-Jones, his wife, I would probably be pissed at him. For him it’s a no win situation. If he claims he got it from going down on her, she might be pissed about him implying there’s anything wrong with her pussy. Or if he claims he got it from somebody else, it’s going to make it look like he’s cheating on her. Open marriages aren’t so common that it’s a socially acceptable alternative. In either case, it’s airing personal matters.


      1. wildoats1962 Post author

        After the first video is done playing there is one that shows elephants mating. It doesn’t show the dick being moved around, but it’s size and shape are impressive.


      2. Mrs Fever

        I never understood the whole Michael Douglas-Catherine Zeta Jones relationship. His misogynistic tendencies have always annoyed me.

        I wish there was a way to upload a photo from my own computer files to the comments section here on your post. (Maybe there is; I’m just not that savvy, eh.) I have a super cute photo I sent to Fur once. It’s two elephants trunk-hugging. 🙂

        One of the guys I dated back in high school was huge into Renaissance Faires. I came to the uncomfortable realization a few days ago that *that* particular boyfriend (as well as several other people I went to high school with) has children who are now graduating (or already graduated) from high school. Bleargh.


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