Do You Want a Whopper?

Hands free? Can you manage it? Joe’s Garage and Dong Work for Yuda come flying into my mind. “Well how much did he wave?”

BK have it your way. They’ve introduced a hands free whopper.

Does that include chocolate syrup, honey, whip cream, or maybe high fructose corn syrup {Karo}?

Not often I quote Fox News, in this case I would call it a feed bag.

Now that your hands are free, whatya goin to do with ’em?


2 thoughts on “Do You Want a Whopper?

  1. furbal1972

    I’m gonna use them to drive my cab into a pole, hoping that the steering wheel and/or the seat belt gives me the “Heimlich Maneuver” as I’m choking! lol


    1. wildoats1962 Post author

      I used to smoke a pipe on my way to work, {Just tobacco} and I always had this fear that I’d crash and the pipe would be crammed down my throat. It was especially bad if I had to rapidly get out of someones way. One of those times I was startled and gave a sudden exhale, blowing hot ash all over my shirt and pants. For some reason that reminds me of an episode of Home Improvement. Tim and Al are in a car parts store looking for stolen parts, and they notice a manifold that looked like the one that Al had dripped jelly on. Tim tries to distract the store clerk while Al takes a closer look at the part. Store clerk notices Al and says, “Are you licking my manifold?”

      I did aspirate a Tic Tac once. I had to pull off the road and try to Heimlich myself on the steering wheel. When it came out I was lucky I had my door open because I threw up immediately after. I can laugh about it now, but I haven’t had a Tic Tac since.



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