MYOB, from wiki QUOTE:
In the classic science fiction story …And Then There Were None, Eric Frank Russell shortened “Mind Your Own Business” to “MYOB” or “Myob!”, which was used as a form of civil disobedience on the planet of the libertarian Gands.[5] Russell’s short story, …And Then There Were None, was subsequently incorporated into his 1962 novel The Great Explosion.[dubious – discuss]

BYOB, bring your own bottle, could be booze, could be anything really.

GYNOB, Woman comes home and finds note on fridge, Someone from the Gyno Colleges called. They said your Pabst Beer was okay. Since when do you drink beer, and why didn’t you share?

Yeah it’s an old joke, but I’m an old jokester.


4 thoughts on “MYOB, BYOB, GYNOB?

    1. wildoats1962 Post author

      I haven’t read a lot of mysteries, but that does ring a bell. Speaking of bell ringing, they did use a parody of the title for a porn film too. The film had a pretty good orgy scene on a long banquet table {food fight, playing with your food etc}. Spoiler, 10 people at an island mansion get killed one by one. That’s the porn version anyway.


  1. wildoats1962 Post author

    Porn stars can be kind of creepy too, that just makes them more interesting. Actually the ones that knew what they were doing, and managed to avoid the pitfalls are really interesting. You hear all kinds of horror stories, but exploitation doesn’t have to be sexual, and people in the sex business aren’t always exploited. Drugs are probably one of the big problems. That’s always going to be a problem for people who make a lot of money fast and are around temptation.

    I used to read tons. Not so much anymore, I spend far too much time on-line.



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