Deuces Wild, I see your One-Eyed Jack and Raise You a Queen

I follow a few blogs at various, not many, and not as many as I used to. And just because… I don’t think trademarking a common word should be allowed, so I won’t capitalize it and you can’t prove I wasn’t just using a word wit baad grammmur HA!

Okay, I was reading the blog of my friend that I’ve never met and who probably doesn’t like me, and I noticed a rather humorous statement that I simply could NOT let slip by. Paraphrasing what he wrote, he wanted to bed a royal at some point. He would be willing to go down to a Baroness, but he would prefer a Princess or Queen. Now this is on an adult dating site, one that also advertises itself as a swinger site. Get where I’m going? I commented to him that I had complete confidence in his ability to find a Queen there.

He had some other points in his post and I made quips about those too. And this was one of those rare occurrences where he did actually reply to me. But he didn’t reply to the Queen quip. It was said in fun, I’m sure he realizes that. I don’t get the impression that he dislikes me. I think he’s mostly just ambivalent. It is fun to try and get a reaction though. One time he wrote an entire post as a reply to my comments. I commented on that one too.

Time for work, gotta go, maybe I’ll have a hose story to tell.


9 thoughts on “Deuces Wild, I see your One-Eyed Jack and Raise You a Queen

      1. wildoats1962 Post author

        By cheating! I noticed that his whole blog wasn’t read only, each post was marked read only, so I went back to where he allowed comments, quoted his current post there and replied there. He started allowing comments again after a couple of weeks. He doesn’t really converse with me, but I got the impression that he had hooked up with someone, had problems, and didn’t want any stalkers. He didn’t post that. It’s my own speculation.

        Him, Furball, and AB are the only reasons I maintain a presence there. Arch stopped posting there again too. I used to like reading Keith and MissAnnThrope too. They blog elsewhere now. I read MissAnn on FB. I followed her for politics more so than sexy posts, and she does have a fondness for horror films too. I’m like 50 posts behind on Bang’s blog. You keep in touch with her?


      2. Mrs Fever

        I haven’t heard from Baby Bang in a while. She was dealing with some pretty intense life stress last time we talked, so I’m guessing she’s focused on trying to work that out. She stops by my blog once in a while, but the last time we talk-talked was around New Year’s.

        I talk to Arch in some form or fashion every day. I keep trying to get him to blog somewhere ~ anywhere, I don’t care where ~ because I know how cathartic writing is for him. But he’s not down with learning a new format just now, so when he can’t hold it all in, he goes back to That Other Place.

        I miss Furbal’s posts. The individuals that make up his taxi-driving day are like unique characters in the drama of life.

        I’m not sure who Keith is…? I think the maximum number of blogs I ever followed over there at one time was like 8. You, Fur, Bang, Arch, Ganien, Deuce… A few more.

        I know a few of the people who followed me over there, now follow me here on WordPress. But *you* are the only one who still converses with me regularly on my blog. And I *do* enjoy our conversations. (Water sports… What? πŸ˜‰ )

        Did AB find you?


  1. wildoats1962 Post author

    Keith was an interesting fellow with Social Affective Disorder, and he was somewhat older than me. He was also a martial arts instructor. He used to post safety tips {primarily for women, but they apply generally too}.

    Furball’s posts are interesting because of the character development. He’s a good writer, and it comes through. A boring recitation of events would be just that, boring. It’s the interplay of personalities that’s interesting and fun. And actually that’s what makes blogging interesting.

    I hadn’t thought about this in quite a while, and I’d be really hard pressed to say when it started and when it ended. Some of the local papers started carrying personal ads. It wasn’t just an Iowa thing because I remember the Bloom County comic strip poked fun at the trend. The funny part is I remember ads that said the person enjoyed watersports like skiing, surfing etc. I suppose if you REALLY have to go it could be thought of as a rising tide.

    I remember when I first started checking WP out you mentioned that you get more followers here, but not as many comment. That has been my experience too. I don’t think I ever had over 20 watchers there and I’ve got double that here. I should explore more blogs here, but it just seems like there’s never enough time.

    I was talking to AB on the phone while writing this. She hasn’t checked her e-mail yet!


  2. Bonnie Keck

    bite me

    I do check my email regularly

    I haven’t checked it regularly LATELY

    I’m sure I have a blog here, who knows, I will have to try to figure it out.

    P.S. I know a Baroness; Deuce ain’t gettin’ no where near her. πŸ˜›



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