Carmen is an Opera, Karma can be a Bitch

But Karma is only a Bitch if you are. Got that from Facebook. Mentally I had a string of segues occur which ended with me thinking about this civilian working at Ft Benning. I probably wasted a good astronomical postcard, but it may have been worth it. She handled the paperwork for people outprocessing from the Army. I had heard she was a real bitch. In fact, I had never heard anything remotely positive about her. After she got done annoying me and I flew out of GA for the last time, I sent her a postcard. I didn’t sign it or put my address on it {I didn’t have an address at that time anyway.}. I mailed it from O’hare. It was a picture of the Andromeda Galaxy, on the back I wrote, “Wish you were here.” It amused me. It amused the people I’ve told about it. I don’t know if she “Got” it or not.

Opera’s tend to be tragedies, I don’t know much about Carmen. On Family Guy, Brian likes this woman’s aria “Habenera”, I don’t know if that is how you spell it. The word reminds me of Habenero which is a very hot type of pepper. Speaking of hot, Carmen Electra was pretty hot during the show Battlebots.

You don’t see her in that clip, but you can still think about her.

There was a woman that recently came out about what she did during WWII. She was one of 15 food tasters Hitler used. He was a vegan, but he did get the best veggies in Germany. And so did his tasters. People say that Hitler did get along well with children and animals. In the medical drama “House” there is a line in the first season I just love. Cameron is talking with Chase and he asks her if she’s been sleeping with House. She doesn’t answer and Chase makes the comment, “He’s not as bad as Hitler.” Cameron’s response is great, “I don’t sleep with someone just because they aren’t as bad as Hitler.” Priceless.

Not really, I’m sure the writers were paid for that line.


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