My One Track Mind Derailed Years Ago

The album was different. And it was a real trip with headphones. The real question isn’t whether my train of thought derailed, it’s how big of an area needs to be evacuated or face contamination. My friend with the giant noodle introduced me to philosophers. Yes, UNI has a philosophy department. One of those guys with a philosophy degree would introduce me to new music and concepts, like women’s lib:

The noodle guy is Catholic and he introduced me to some Priests, but he also played this song for me:

Well shoot. I’ve spent about an hour looking for a particular song, and I can’t find it. It was by Robin Williamson and contained in the chorus was “Put on your red dress, red as the red geraniums, I’ll hold your hand until your man gets back from the sanitariums.” In one of the verses it had the lyric, “We’ll hire a team of lawyers, hitch ’em to the lights, then stare at the ceiling with feeling.”

The Maharishi people in Fairfield Iowa produced some recordings called holophonics. A friend bought one of their tapes and had me listen to it. It was *unique*. No music and you had to use headphones to get the effect. 3D sound, various normal {eh, you know me} sounds, and then a haircut. So realistic a sound that you can almost FEEL the scissors. Shortly after that was something that had a universal reaction, people would rip the headphones off their heads. You hear a bee buzzing around, it comes annoyingly close, you feel like swatting at it, but it’s just a sound. It isn’t there. Then it LANDS ON YOUR EAR AND CRAWLS INSIDE!!!! Freaky to the MAX. It had a warning on it. It said, Do not listen to this while driving.

You see a bunch of TMs when you search them, but it isn’t trademarks, it’s Transcendental Meditation. It’s late, better go to bed before the sun comes up.



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