That’s the French for Help Me, Help Me. Anglicized that’s Mayday, Mayday. And then there is May 1st. Sometimes that is the last day of winter. Actually I was told that there is a chance of snow flurries tomorrow night. It won’t amount to anything and it was 83 today. I went out and shoveled sand. Not my favorite activity. The sand accumulates where we had snow piles. When the snow piles are all melted then we have to clean up the sand. I was shoveling it by hand because it was still too wet for the street sweeper and it tends to stick hard when it dries. Our street sweeper is small and the seat does not adjust. It doesn’t come with a seatbelt either, but I think it tops out about 20. I used to drive it quite a bit, not lately though. I don’t fit COMFORTABLY in it. I can squeeze in but it’s rather claustrophobic. There are certain rituals associated with May 1st. It’s supposed to be a good day for an orgy. Of course it is, is there a BAD day for an orgy {yeah wedding anniversary isn’t cool}. And then there is that custom of girls dancing around the Priapus Rex with ribbons. Yep, dancing to ABBA’s Voulez-Vous coucher avec moi ce soir? I like ABBA but really, c’mon. Voulez-vous? That’s either rather formal for asking someone to sleep with you, or you’re asking a group to. To go to bed alone is reflexive, se coucher. Non reflexive is going to bed not alone.

I think you dear reader lucked out. I had planned on sharing more Army stories, and some amusing puke anecdotes. Well I think there is such a thing. When talking to oneself do you have reasoned well informed exchanges of ideas, or do you just argue with the A-hole? Dr House was having reasoned well thought out conversations with the hallucination of cut-throat Bitch. He even donned a blue tooth so others wouldn’t catch on. I’m pretty worn out from shoveling so I think I’ll head for bed.

I forget exactly how Kryten described his “Double Poloroid”. So I’ll leave you something totally inane.



2 thoughts on “M’AIDEZ!!! M’AIDEZ!!!

  1. furbal1972

    Today is my parent’s 42nd anniversary!

    I’m hoping that this “snow” doesn’t wipe out my tulips that have been in full bloom these past few days.


  2. wildoats1962 Post author

    Congrats to them!! Not many people make it that many years. When my in-laws celebrated their 50th I told my wife don’t count on us lasting that long, I was 33 and she was 39 when we got married.

    Nothing is in bloom here. My lilacs are just budding, and I found out that I’m going to have to find someone new to mow my yard. I’m too lazy.



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