4-21 AKA Random Drug Test Day, Ho Hum Mundane Monday

A person I follow on FB had that post yesterday. I think it would work better as 4-22 since that is a Monday. But it does lose it’s next day impact. And if you’re worried you could always call in sick. Like so:

Now, if you do make it in, you might get stuck in customer service where you have to deal directly with the public. Like so:

Did I mention it was Hitler’s birthday on the 20th? He’s lucky it’s not closer to Christmas. He might get disillusioned. Like so:

Why did you let me make a fool of myself in front of Stalin? Priceless.

Monday is over now. Ho Hum generally signifies boring. Why is that? Not that I frequent prostitutes, but the vernacular today is Ho, Hum could very easily be construed as hummer. A prostitute that specializes in hummers would not be described as boring. At least I wouldn’t think so. Mundane, I’m sure Danish people want to know what you mean by Mun, and why are you singling them out? Victor Borge once commented that he was introduced as a Great Dane. He wasn’t sure exactly when they got the idea he was a dog.



2 thoughts on “4-21 AKA Random Drug Test Day, Ho Hum Mundane Monday

    1. wildoats1962 Post author

      Well Scooby Doo is a Great Dane, but I don’t recall him playing the piano. He didn’t sing as well as Victor Borge either. I never felt his nose to see if it was cold. I’m sure it’s cold now because he’s been dead quite a while. PBS had a special on what would have been his 100th birthday, 700 in dog years.



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