Oh My It’s Takei not tacky,The Big O, The Story of O, and J

I was perusing around Wiki and Youtube today. Anyone that reads much of what I write has to know I like a good laugh. George Takei has a really good sense of humor. Sometimes it seems like half of the jokes on facebook are credited to his page. He is getting a bit older, as most of us do, so he might be getting grey.

As a preteen I remember looking at some magazines that talked about “The big O”. With the 60’s being the era of “Free Love” and all, you wouldn’t think so many women would be so repressed about their own sexuality. It was a “Hot” topic at the time. These weren’t the nudie mags aimed at men. These were women’s mags, guy mags would have pictures. Sometime after that I read “The Sensuous Woman” again with no pictures! I was a teen by then, some pictures would have helped in my own research of the male orgasm. Still and all it gave me some miniscule insight into what women want. And they all want something different {Hm, I’m about as different as anybody and yet I’m not in demand}. I also read “The Happy Hooker” by Xaviera Hollander. When I started this post I decided to look up when Ms Hollander died. She hasn’t yet. She is 69, how’s that for a coincidence? The author of The Sensuous Woman was listed as J on the cover. All about O by J, not too bad to wake up to I suppose. Notice I did NOT say, “The Story of O”, that is altogether different. Not my cup of tea, but


From approx. 1974-78 Club magazine featured more or less normal pictorials, but some rather extreme writings. I won’t go into details, I don’t want anyone to hurl. That includes hurling objects at my head.

I don’t have a point in bringing these things up. Epee and Snee, one has a point and the other doesn’t. So is it blunt or dull? Are paraphilias less interesting if you use the big words?



4 thoughts on “Oh My It’s Takei not tacky,The Big O, The Story of O, and J

  1. wildoats1962 Post author

    If you hear people first it almost always seems like they should look different. I used to listen to Jean Shepard’s America and Prairie Home Companion on the radio, definitely was a surprise to see what they look like. I like Morgan Freeman’s voice and the guy that does the Allstate commercials. Bob Ross {Joy of Painting} had an unbelievably relaxing voice. No matter how well rested he could lull me back to sleep. Jean Shepard wrote and did the narration on Christmas Story. A friend of mine’s mom had the sexiest voice I think I’ve ever heard. Sometimes when I would call him she would answer. To a teenage boy she wasn’t all that great to look at {for starters waaay older} but her voice was something else..



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