What? That wasn’t a mistake we planned it that way. Oh, and ALL ABOARD! NEXT STOP CHICAGO!

If you remember the Carol Burnett Show, you know Harvey Korman would always crack up in scenes with Tim Conway.

Well, there are a couple of guys called Greg and Lou that are a lot of fun to watch. Quite often you have no idea where they’re going for the punch line. Obviously if you already know the line it might be tough to say it with an appropriate expression. Then the director makes you do it over and over until you get it right. This means that the directors and producers have lots of stuff to use for blooper clips.

Change in plan. I’ve tried different ways to get it to link to “Thieves – Outtakes” it just refuses to do it. It links to the first episode. I’ll leave it that way and after the vid it’ll have links to the others. The blooper one is good, but I’m kinda biased.

If you haven’t passed out from laughing, then I have another. I had contemplated naming the post, Edible Shit and other things, but I decided not to. Get your recipe books handy, and no it’s not real shit.

Anytime I hear or read “Bat-shit crazy” my mind immediately jumps to that video.
The last video is not Frank Zappa. It is Dweezil Zappa singing the song his dad wrote.

Interestingly when I started blogging at the other place I used the song title as the title for my post. I was new to social networking, at least the way it works now. I didn’t realize the ins and outs of posting things. I used the title I don’t remember if I posted the lyrics. That post was the first time CoffeeNoCream came to my blog. She owns a coffee shop in Amsterdam. Very interesting person, good sense of humor. Humor is very important to me. Another curious point, my wife came in while I was writing that post. She looked over my shoulder and asked, Are you going to Chicago? No dear that’s just the title of a song. Hope you enjoyed it.

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