Darn Socks! The Pantyhose Were Hung By the Chimney With Care….

I bought socks Wednesday. When was the last time anyone darned a sock? To be darnable I would think it would have to be knitted, probably hand knitted. Does anybody ever even wear socks like that?

Not long after I got married my Mother-in-law knitted me a Christmas stocking. She passed away about five years ago. The stocking looks pretty much the way it did way back when. I kinda doubt that they ever wear out. They can get coal stuffed in them many many times. I was talking to one of my mom’s friends and she said that when they were growing up, they would hang up an actual sock that they normally would wear. Hm, you sure you want one of those low profile ankle socks instead of that over the calf tube sock?

Pantyhose would hold quite a bit. I can’t think about pantyhose without thinking about Meredith Viera though. On The View she mentioned that she doesn’t wear pantyhose and panties at the same time. Now I’ve got that visual in my brain for all time. But she’s cute so that’s okay. I like the smile and the twinkle in the eye when she’s flirty.


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