Everything Old Is New Again

The thing about a bad memory is that a joke is as funny as it was the first time you heard it.

An acquaintance that I’ve never met posted a read only blog entry about dolls. Dolls that cost about six grand and come with a variety of customizable features was the specific topic. And actually the witty remarks that pop into my head aren’t really mine. On Family Guy Joe is in a place that sells those type of dolls. He remarks, “Why do they all look so surprised? STOP STARING AT ME!” And over at The Cleveland Show, Cleveland sees one of the other characters wrap a largish object up, stuff it in the trunk, drive out to the country and bury it. It turns out it was “Kimmy”, that character’s love doll. The Japanese seem to be ahead of us in this technology. If this was the Cold War era we wouldn’t have a “Love Doll Gap.” We would be Putin it to Vlad.

One of my coworkers made an interesting observation, “Strap-On” spelled backwards is “No Parts.” Kind of makes you wonder about my job huh.



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