Orbital,not an orb, not in orbit

I bought new socks Monday. I had a flat tire and I couldn’t get it fixed until Monday, then I bought socks. Standard white cotton gym socks. I have tried compression stockings, AKA support hose, AKA diabetic socks, AKA cute black nylons that do absolutely nothing for me.

What does that have to do with the title. I could say it’s a http://www.gocomics.com/nonsequitur but actually it was an older strip called the Neighborhood. Florence’s support hose gave her encouragement, they had little voice balloons coming out of the socks, it’s a sort of joke.

To make a long story longer, socks make useful polish rags. When the heels start to get thin and holes start appearing, they get washed one last time then stuck in the rag bag. If you take a piece of plastic and trim it to the correct size, put it into the sock, and then put it on an orbital sander, it can be used as a buffer. It probably should not be used as a masturbation aid. Old cotton underwear or plain tees make pretty good gun cleaning patches. Obviously they need to be cut to fit. The elastic can be used to hold up trash can liners. My only real problem with lots of people having guns is that there are way too many people that can’t hit the broad side of a barn. Petroleum Jelly will help loosen up new leather, but I don’t recommend mink oil as a sex lube. If you need to use pepper spray for defense, wash your hands BEFORE using the bathroom. Never walk directly behind donkeys, never even think about walking behind a skunk, but if you do tomato juice/sauce does work, curious dogs might end up being red for awhile. {ketchup and hot dogs}

Bear in mind, I’m normal for Iowa.



4 thoughts on “Orbital,not an orb, not in orbit

    1. wildoats1962 Post author

      Some of my relatives are normal, they make drugs for that. Usually the only time I see morning is when I realize that it’s past my bedtime. I tend to overheat easily so I do feel like I’m being popped out of a toaster, but that’s in the afternoon.

      Looking at my reply I see that it isn’t totally obvious if I mean that my relatives are normal because of drugs they take, or they were normal and now are not because of the drugs they took.





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