Eh, You Might Wake Up Canadian Eh, That’s Really Takei

Wow, where to start? Deuce is being REALLY annoying. He’s writing hilarious posts that trigger tons of clever witty replies, but the posts are read only. I told him I’ve been talking about him. He said that’s why his ears have been burning, he thought it was lice. A surprising reply that he is unaware of just how appropriate it is.

My thought processes might appear random, but in the due course of time that will be proven.

I had a dream about my dad last night. He died in 1990. In the dream I was describing an LRC circuit and how useful and widely used it is. From starter caps on electric motors to oscillators inductors and capacitors often get paired. The dream got a little weird then. I was showing Dad a rather annoying warning buzzer. I unplugged it, and still it buzzed. It must have battery backup I told Dad. I took out the batteries, still it buzzed. I took the speaker off. Still it buzzed. Then for some unknown reason I launched into a tirade about an AFF troll that used Malcolm Mcdowell’s pic from A Clockwork Orange as his profile pic and used the handle Lord Chaos Rules followed by a number. Part of the tirade was that LCR would get kicked off the site and come back as LCR +1 on the number. It took a long time for them to finally get rid of that guy. Okay, strange dream, how could it be stranger? By waking up Canadian.

Let me guess, you just think that is sooo Takei.

On Facebook I think a substantial amount of the humor is credited to his page. He can definitely be a funny guy. I don’t hold anybodies preferences against them. You are the way you are and to thine own self be true. If it’s none of their business you can lie to them. Don’t say Fuck You, because that could be construed as an invite.

I also like the comics.

When the dream ended I woke up and my alarm clock had been going off for 20 minutes.

The thought is complete.

4 thoughts on “Eh, You Might Wake Up Canadian Eh, That’s Really Takei

    1. wildoats1962 Post author

      Eh, I would’ve thought by now Eh that you would expect me to ramble Eh. James Burke had a telecourse that bounced around from topic to topic. It was called Connections and there always was some kind of connection. He described it as a pinball approach to history. I like that. I used to work on pinball machines. It’s much easier to win with the glass off, although the solenoids can be a bit intimidating, especially on a Hercules machine {it used a billiard ball as a pinball}.



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