Long Long Ago In A Galaxy Far Far Away…..

There were three on the tree …….

….. Standard Tranny …..

I learned to how handle a stick……

Lola was playing on the radio….

Not really but it sounded good.

A 1965 Ford Galaxy 500, it belonged to my brother-in-law, and in it I learned how to drive a manual transmission car. It had a bad starter so you always had to park on a hill. I went in the ditch with it once. My sister lived on a gravel road 3 or 4 miles from the nearest blacktop, the driveway was about 1/4 mile. I was taking her to work and she found a tick crawling on her and flipped out. I was attempting to help her and drive at the same time. All at once she yelled “Look Out!” I looked up just as we went off the road. Dumb luck prevailed. I didn’t hit anything solid, I kept my foot on the gas, drove down into the ditch then back out. If I had cranked the wheel we would probably have rolled over. No damage so my sister and I decided that that trip would be our little secret. I don’t know if she ever did tell my BIL but I knew he was suspicious of the weeds in the hubcaps and stuck in the trim {the trim above the doors and along the roof line LOL}. You could see the path in the ditch too. It was full of tall prairie grass about 5′ high.

I’m a bit down right now. I went out to my car to go to the grocery store and discovered a very flat tire. I knew they were a few years old, but I had hoped they would last through the season. The places I normally get tires are closed Sunday. So I have to wait until Monday. I called my boss to see if I could have the day off. No, but I can come in later. These tires are from May of 2007. I remember because I topped the peak of an overpass and there were tools scattered across all three lanes. I tried to straddle some and I clipped a sledge hammer. It knocked the tire off the rim. Sometimes bad things happen when you try to straddle tools.



2 thoughts on “Long Long Ago In A Galaxy Far Far Away…..

  1. Mrs Fever

    Sometimes good things happen when you straddle tools, too. And sometimes people are just tools. Like your boss, for example. Why can’t you have the day off? Seems like a reasonable request considering the whole tire situation. Too bad about that. I guess they just don’t make ’em like they used to.

    Bosses, I mean. As far as I know, tires have always been (and still are) rubber.


  2. wildoats1962 Post author

    There isn’t anybody available to cover my shift. The day person can stay and cover the first half, but I still need to cover the second half. This one is considerably more pleasant than the last two. Unfortunately he’s only in charge of maintenance temporarily. I hope the next one is as laid back.

    They add graphite to tires to make them conductive, if they didn’t you would build up static electricity as you drove and you would get sparks when you got fuel. Adds new meaning to No Smoking at the gas pump. Sometimes on trucks or road graders you’ll see them drag a chain, that’s for grounding to prevent static. The new tires last a lot longer than the old bias ply of my youth. You had to get tires about every 15 to 20,000 miles back then. When I was 19 or 20 I had one month where I hit nails and had to patch my tires 4 times. A friends dad had a collection of antique cars and he had an old manual tire machine. I patched those tires myself. It makes you really appreciate pneumatics and spin balancers.

    Speaking of rubbers, do you or the mister have a sensitivity to latex? Just curious, it sounded like you avoid it. At work they get the nitryl gloves now, the latex has better touch sensitivity IMO.



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