Glory Glory Whole day of Sausage and Taco Fest

Does that title trigger lascivious thoughts? I always liked that about you. If you’re new to my blog that’s still true because I wouldn’t know anything else about you would I?

Well I did my taxes today so sausages and tacos didn’t enter into the discussion. And I don’t consider paying taxes to be getting screwed. I don’t flaunt my political views, but you get what you pay for, anarchy leaves a lot to be desired, and I think it was Will Rogers that said, “We have the best Congress money can buy.” I think it applies to the rest of government too.

I’m not really sure what triggered the glory hole thoughts today. I had been thinking about the origins of different words and expressions. Some of that stuff dates back further than you might imagine. Some of us must’ve had some perverted ancestors. Guilty! It’s in the genes. It’s really perverted if it stays in the genes and you are still able to do things.

What constitutes sex? Hm, … should we go to a Tea – room to talk about it? Tearoom Trade was written by Robert Allen Humphreys in 1970. It was about supposedly straight men having anonymous sex. Okay, tearooms probably count, maybe teabags? No the practice of taking photos of people who have passed out while some male dangles their balls above the person’s face isn’t really sex. That dates back at least to the 70’s, that’s when I heard about it. Poloroids were used then. No pesky photo processors looking at your pictures. And only one copy unlike the digital version today.

Speaking of digital sex, it dates back much further than you might have thought. They used to call it handjobs and finger play. {digit = finger, I’m into crosswords people}. Kinsey was one of those early researchers, also Masters and Johnson. Masters and Johnson sounds like it should be an S&M Femdom site. Maybe it is now. I didn’t try searching it.

Dr Koop died recently. He was the Surgeon General when AIDS was first diagnosed. He encouraged safe sex much to the chagrin of the prim and proper sorts. All sorts of activities qualify as safe. But nothing is totally foolproof. In an earlier post I mentioned a guy that would masturbate at work leaning against a belt driven machine. It picked him up by the balls, threw him across the room ripping one ball completely off. Then he used a staple gun to close the hole. A fairly substantial number of Darwin Awards go to people who are unlikely to catch any communicable diseases or experience an unwanted pregnancy. But I don’t consider death to be safe sex. Hyperthermia has been used as a treatment for AIDS in Europe. That’s a hot one.

Things to consider before trying a particular sex act, is it legal? If it is truly new and unique it could very well be legal. They don’t write laws about things they haven’t thought of. There are times when someone gets away with something simply because no one was ever caught doing that. And in the case of historical hysterical laws, the ruler might not want to give anybody ideas. Queen Victoria made male homosexuality illegal, but she refused to make lesbianism illegal. In her opinion no woman would voluntarily do that so it didn’t need to be a law. It was also during her reign that they started putting those little paper things on chicken/turkey legs.

Similar reasoning applies to warning labels, so, who was misusing the curling iron?



2 thoughts on “Glory Glory Whole day of Sausage and Taco Fest

  1. Mrs Fever

    Funny, my curling iron didn’t come with any sort of warning about inserting it into my glory hole…

    Not that I would eat my curling iron, but I suppose some people would try.

    And I used to love tacos, but now that I don’t eat meat, I’m more a fan of fajitas.


  2. wildoats1962 Post author

    That hair is usually curly anyway. A female Drill Sgt once asked a group of us if we knew why pubes are curly, answer: so you don’t poke your eyes out. We weren’t allowed to smile or laugh at that. If you’re at attention, you’re at attention. Tacos and sausage I get, fajitas must be kinky.



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