Richard’s Photograph and Unexpecting the Unexpected

These guys are hilarious. Sometimes they make a series of skits on a theme. In this case the theme is “The Attendants”. There are various adult sites where the guys like to annoy the gals. And actually when they use it as a profile pic they annoy pretty much everyone. Makes you feel like saying What a dick.

And who knows, if you give them the time of day you might find yourself in this situation. Ha, yeah right.


2 thoughts on “Richard’s Photograph and Unexpecting the Unexpected

  1. wildoats1962 Post author

    Given the number of women that complained about them it’s a wonder that guys don’t catch on. I guess it’s in our genes and we can’t keep it there. I’m not sure exactly how long ago I found Greg and Lou dotcom. When I first saw the site name on Youtube, it caught me off guard because I have coworkers named Greg and Lou, and they used to hang around together a lot, and they were always clowning. These two are a different Greg and Lou, but much of their stuff is just hysterical.



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