Someone’s Knocking at the Door, Chop,Dead Girl

That could be one title. It’s not though. It’s 3 different movies. Different as in WEIRD. They have some overlapping cast and crew. In and of itself that isn’t all that unusual. Lots of British comedies use the same actors and actresses. John Waters has a cult following and he used to use the same people. He might have had to find some new ones though, Divine and Edith Massey I think are both dead. King Kong and The Most Dangerous Game had a lot of overlap and that was made in the 30’s.

How weird? People that know me don’t ask that very often. In John Waters’ films it’s easy to see why he used the same people. You couldn’t pay actors enough to do those things, you have to find people who are into that. I won’t go into the gory details, but if you can avoid retching he has some interesting themes and dialog. For instance, in Pink Flamingos a couple vying for the title of filthiest people alive kidnap young female hitchhikers and then force their gay chauffeur to get them pregnant so that they can sell the babies to lesbian couples. NO I’M NOT MAKING THIS UP, and I have no quarrel with gays and lesbians. In Female Trouble Mr Waters has an actress that is probably pushing 50 portray a 14 year old. {not a convincing performance}. When she walks in on her mom and mom’s boyfriend, the boyfriend says, “Why don’t you come over and suck your daddy’s cock.” She replies, “You’re not my daddy and I wouldn’t suck your dick if I was drowning and your balls were full of oxygen.” Gotta love dialog like that.

SKATD was kind of hard to really follow, kind of a possession movie. Didn’t really like the movie, but I like the guy who played the detective. He had roles in the other two movies. Chop had him playing “the Stranger”. He tries to jog Lance’s memory by cutting off appendages. Dead Girl is a zombie movie. Two guys find a zombie and the one guy wants to fuck her, but the other guy is not interested at least partly because she smells like rotten meat. That doesn’t stop the horny guy from selling passes to other teenage guys so they can fuck her too. I’m skeptical about a high school filled with necrophiliacs that don’t mind rotting putrefying flesh.

I’m going to throw in “Five Across The Eyes”. Why? Because it should be thrown. It’s only a few years old, has a cast of 6 and a budget of $4000. For some unknown and unexplained reason these 5 girls are on their way home from a game, and they happen to have the one girl’s dad along in his urn. At one point his ashes get spilled and one of the girls gets some in her mouth. The dialog is very difficult to follow in this movie. She asks her friend if she’s sure that it’s her dad in the urn because they didn’t taste like her aunt’s ashes {!?!?!} Later they dump dad on the floor and use his urn as a container when they siphon gas. { nothing to add to that, what could I say?}

30 DOLLARS, the money just rolls in for this film,


2 thoughts on “Someone’s Knocking at the Door, Chop,Dead Girl

  1. Mrs Fever

    People with Pica Syndrome eat ash. And chalk. And dirt. And stuff. Totally weird that this topic has come up twice for me in the past few days.

    I will not be watching any of these movies, Wild. Eeeeuw.


  2. wildoats1962 Post author

    There’s a program, “My Strange Addiction”. I’ve never watched any of it. I can’t remember if I saw the listing on Hulu, Netflix, or cable. But it was about people eating strange stuff. Hustler magazine ran a story with x-rays about people eating odd stuff or putting odd stuff up their ass. It used to be that you’d hear about kids swallowing pennies. Nowadays that would be considerably more dangerous {the metal content has changed. There’s a lot more zinc in them now}.

    Over at AFF I used to follow MissAnnThrope. She’s really into horror movies and uses the same handle at IMDB. She isn’t at AFF anymore either.

    That last movie, Zyzzyx Road, I’ve never seen. It’s listed as the lowest grossing movie ever made. 6 people saw it in the theatre and they took in 30 bucks.



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