Kozo, Just because

The hippo’s name is Kozo apparently. For some reason I find the Gummi Bear vids funny. They tickle me. First it was Nuki, Nuki, Nuki. Which made me think of nookie nookie nookie, like I don’t think about that often enough anyway. Then I learned that Nuki is from Nuk which is a brand of pacifier. Hm, pacifier leads to thoughts of babies, which leads to thoughts of nursing, which leads to thoughts of nipples, which leads to thoughts of Nookie Nookie Nookie. There are numerous soundtracks for Kozo to dance to, “Can’t Touch This.” comes to mind. That is “Phat”. I’m fat enough that I hope I don’t look like Kozo dancing.


4 thoughts on “Kozo, Just because

    1. wildoats1962 Post author

      It works best with the “Gummi” song and with “Can’t touch this”. They have other songs but the moves don’t fit the music as well. The “Gummi Bear” dancing amuses me too. Dancing in the yellow Y fronts, the wobbly eyes, the ears {one with a bite mark}, It’s just too much. And they made him a good dancer!

      There is a live action parody of Kozo with a guy dancing and when he does the ass motions he pulls his black underwear up like a thong. Hilarious.



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