Unfinished Business

I woke up from a nightmare about ten minutes ago. It’s fading fast, but I like to remember dreams and nightmares in particular.

Sounds odd doesn’t it. I want to remember my nightmares. Any body that knows me knows that pretty much everything about me is odd. My sister B figured prominently in the nightmare. She died in 02, but she has been talked about lately. I have four sisters and one brother. The girls are all named Ann except for B. She died two weeks before her 50th birthday. Ann1 and Ann2 really don’t get along. Ann3 is usually how they get news to one another. In my dream I was arguing with B, and the things we were arguing about happened after she died. Specifically, we were arguing about Anns 1&2. Both have had cancer in the past, Ann1 now has a stage 4 cancer and we {or at least I, which sounds odd but I think is grammatically correct} don’t know how long she has left.

This is the first time since she died that I have had an argument with her. I have had two with my dad, he died in 90. I haven’t argued with Ma since she’s been gone, but I have had one I told you so, one what were you thinking, and one LOL moment.

On Friday night I usually watch “Dead Files” and “Ghost Adventures” when I get home from work. On Saturdays I watch more “Ghost Adventures”. I’ve heard that hauntings are caused by people with unfinished business, or unresolved issues. I would think that that would include all murder victims and most accidental deaths. {and Fermat and Schubert, and to quote Fermat “There isn’t room here to show the proof”}. I don’t think the TV triggered the dream. Between work and family I’ve gotten way behind on the blogs I read. I am unfinished in catching up. I wouldn’t want to be a cyber ghost though. There are a few {less than 10} people I wouldn’t mind being a poltergeist to though.

The details of the dream are gone now, except for what I wrote down. The feeling lingers. So much of life is not the facts, it’s the ephemeral. Sorry Joe, it’s not “Just the facts ma’am”.

The LOL moment is worth sharing. When B was alive she asked Ma if she could store a half a dozen boxes at Ma’s house. Ma said okay. She never came back and got them. After B died Ma had me bring them downstairs so she could go through them. They turned out to be full of empty plastic containers, cottage cheese, margarine, etc. Ma’s reaction was, “What was she thinking. This is all just garbage.” When Ma passed away eight years later, my sibs were looking through her cupboards and found stacks and stacks of empty plastic containers {enough to fill 5 or 6 lawn and leaf garbage bags}, to which they said “What was she thinking. This is all just garbage.” And yes, those are both direct exact quotes. The punch line is that I too have cupboards full of empty plastic containers. In my defense I would point out that the containers from the Chinese delivery food actually have “Dishwasher safe” molded into them. And I use them to take leftovers to work and I can pitch them there.

Crab Rangoon, Peking Duck, … Burma Shave. Burma is now called Myanmar, it’s capital was Rangoon but now is Yangon. Peking China is now Beijing. Sometimes I feel ancient, but the BurmaShave signs I saw were replicas of the originals.

Back to bed, hopefully to pleasant dreams this time. I could dream about catching a Fever 😉

4 thoughts on “Unfinished Business

  1. Mrs Fever

    My dad’s father died last year just months after his mother did. My aunt lives in the house she inherited from them.

    In the post-mortem months of clearing out all the junk (my dad’s parents were Hoarders, with a capital H), my aunt pulled out a garbage sack full of old kitchen towels that were so worn down they weren’t even any good as rags. She said, “I don’t know why Ma kept these. They’re just junk.” Yet, when my mother went over to help my aunt clear out cupboards one day after that, she found that my aunt had set aside a garbage bag of her own, already half-filled with ~ you guessed it ~ ratty old kitchen towels. So much for “just junk”.

    On the other hand, my mother’s mother died in September, and afterward, my mom’s siblings hauled several thousand dollars worth of valuable antiques to the dump. To their way of thinking, Victorian transfer ware and McCoy pottery and Depression-era crystal and Eastlake furniture was all “just junk”.

    Perhaps one day your Chinese take-out containers will be considered valuable collectibles. The food that comes inside those containers, however, might be contributing to your restless state of sleep.

    I’ve had a few nightmares of my own, my friend. Sorry to hear about yours.

    Feverish dreams are much more pleasant. 😉


    1. wildoats1962 Post author

      I think nightmares are their own version of unfinished business. That’s why I like to remember them. I did sleep well after that. Ma was a hoarder too. I think part of that was growing up during the Depression. I was rather surprised that one of her most valuable things was her porn collection. That sounds odd too. Maybe it’s in the genes {or Jeans}. She still had my dad’s Korean War uniform { I tried to give that to a museum and they didn’t want it because they had too many already}{!?!?}. She had an old sewing machine { I looked up they serial number, and it was made before 1900} that had belonged to her uncle when he had a leather business. There are so many of them still around that they simply aren’t that valuable even being that old. She had a box full of “Sex to Sexty” comic/joke magazines. They were valuable. She had an ashtray that said “Just Married” around the rim and had a raised image of a couple in the center, on the back the guy is lifting her dress. And there was a naked lady nutcracker. You just never know. I did hear about a Goodwill store that found a bunch of Depression glass in their donation drop box. They recognized it and made quite a bit. Whenever I donate a large quantity of stuff I usually get a tax receipt. It’s just stuff, I should clear out a bunch of stuff, but when I know the history of it I get sentimental. I don’t think my kids will be quite so sentimental when they inherit it. Ann1&3 don’t like clutter. Ma also really liked Cheech and Chong movies, wouldn’t have expected that from someone born in 28.


      1. wildoats1962 Post author

        Surprisingly, not really, they’re a lot more common than you might think. Hinged at the waist you put the nut between her thighs and she squeezes that nut until the meat comes out. I think that one was made in the 50’s or 60’s. Researching it a bit similar nutcrackers have been here since Colonial times. Brazil nuts need a real thunder thighs, English walnuts and Filberts don’t need quite the grip strength. Filbert sounds like it should be a character in a Scott Adams comic. Filbert also goes by Hazelnut except when it is still in the closet. When things get as hot as coffee Hazelnut is a real creamer, just the way a nut should be – creamed.


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