Celluloid Cellulite Cell-U-Heavy {?!?} Defenestration

This is one of those posts that has been meandering through my brain until I take the time to post.

Celluloid beauties, Elizabeth Sladen {I think that’s how you spell it, Sarah Jane Smith for the character name}, Barbara Stanwyck, Marilyn Monroe, Jane Mansfield, and many more; all were very attractive women. And they didn’t work for a dentist, topical aside, you mean you can’t resist temptation, and you don’t even know if she would have been willing but you fired her anyway. Back to the point, can you be attracted to someone as they were decades ago on film or television? I find them attractive, even hot. But that isn’t how they are now. So if you thought so and so was really really hot 60 years ago, would you want to hook up with them the way they are now? Lindsey Lohan made at least one film when she was quite young, now she’s hot. That’s kind of weird. I don’t have a problem thinking someone old was hot, and even if they were interested in me I wouldn’t have a taboo feeling about it, although their age would be a barrier that I would have a tough time getting over, if that age difference was large. But when I see a hot woman that I knew, or saw on films when she was young, I would feel weird. LiLo is a good example of that. She’s hot, but I still see the kid. A number of years ago one of my close friends told me that his daughter was working as a stripper. At the time she was 22 or 23. I don’t have a problem with strippers. I’ve even watched a few. But I asked him what club{s} she was working. So that I could make sure I didn’t go there. I had known her since she was 8 or 9. Accidentally running into her would’ve made me very uncomfortable, and I’m sure it would her too. Anyway, am I a sick fuck to fantasize about former porn stars and other actresses as they were then? Hef got married again. She is 60 years younger than him. Seems kinda gross to me, but sex with anybody that old sounds kinda gross. If I live that long I’m sure I’ll be gross too, and maybe by then I’ll stop getting involved with women older than me. That covers celluloid and cellulite. When the body stores fat it starts out just making each individual cell bigger. At some point the cell can’t hold any more, and the body makes more cells. At that point it becomes very difficult to lose weight because the body won’t start losing fat cells until all the cells have lost the extra fat they were holding. That will cause them to signal the hunger hormones to kick in because you will feel like you are starving.

Defenestration, not some weird fetish unless you get a sexual thrill throwing people out windows. I first heard the word in junior high school in the Arthur C Clark book “Tales From the White Heart.”


3 thoughts on “Celluloid Cellulite Cell-U-Heavy {?!?} Defenestration

  1. Mrs Fever

    Defenestration? Throwing people out of windows? Really? Well, I suppose if you got aroused by the activity it’d be called something even stranger. You have the most random vocabulary, Wild. I remember the whole frotteur thing when Arch was talking to me about double pititration. *Shudder*


  2. wildoats1962 Post author

    Well I have been using the tagline Cross words increase your blood pressure. Crosswords increase your vocabulary. I usually do at least one crossword a day. I can usually finish one during my lunch break at work. I like the New York Times puzzles. Friday,Saturday, and Sunday are too tough for a half hour lunch break, they get set aside to work on a few minutes at a time after I finish an easier one. I have a large vocabulary, but my spelling is what usually trips me up. I misspelled Menelaus from the Iliad last week, last year I had to use a dictionary to get Sphygmomanometer. My dad had high blood pressure back in the 60’s him, mom, and me all learned how to take blood pressure back in the days before automated cuffs. So I knew what it meant, I knew it was the answer, but spelling it is tough. It reminds me of a Far Side comic. The caption reads primitive spelling bees. One caveman in on the stage and he says, “Cave, C-A-V-E.” The other caveman waiting his turn has a thought balloon, “Sure, I’ll probably get Australopithecus.”



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