Seasons Greetings from a couple of Great Guys

I am a big fan of pretty much anything that makes me laugh. These two guys have some really hilarious stuff. I have them in my Likes section on Facebook, but I decided to mention them here too. They have their own website and they can be found on Youtube. The two videos I link to here are seasonal, I would be hard pressed to rank them in order of preference. Most of them are short, but good things can come in small packages.

And the smaller package

I could write some BS about attributing quotes and citing references, but I’d probably have to copy it. I could say something old fashioned and date myself, but that would be pointless since I can already have sex with myself and don’t have to go through the rigamaroll of dating. TMI on that, but I suppose I should mention the name of their website. Greg and Lou present Lou and Greg. Hopefully the links work.


3 thoughts on “Seasons Greetings from a couple of Great Guys

  1. wildoats1962 Post author

    Well I said oops. I got the wrong clip. During an interview they mentioned that while filming that they were in a hot stuffy apartment, and whatever they were using for fake blood was getting really sticky and nasty. They have a kind of peculiar odd sense of humor, much like mine. That’s probably why I like them so much. It’s funny I found them by accident. I was searching Youtube and when one of their videos was listed it caught my eye. It was from GregandLou dot com. I have two co-workers that are always joking around. They are Greg and Lou. A different Greg and Lou but the names still caught my attention. That’s the only video that has a lot of blood. Mostly they’re inane, My co-worker Terry stopped talking to me because I was too silly. After that I wore Hawaiian shirts to work any day that I knew he would be there {he thought they were unprofessional}. He quit when they actually made him fix something.



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